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Mini Offset Printing Machines

The little master multi-purpose press
SIZES AVAILABLE - 11"X16" & 15"X20" FL (Front loading)

We, SAHIL GRAPHICS based at Ballabgarh, Faridabad, India an established Suppliers & Exporters of superior quality Mini offset printing machines / Mini offset Printing Presses / Table top offset printing machines / Poly offset printing machines from the heart of India. 
SAHIL- 11" X 16"
This Mini Offset the low height machine is designed from the human engineering point of view. It is a marvelous single color three-cylinder small offset with suction feeder, which can print a variety of jobs using direct polyester master or a conventional plate. The compact design of mini offset machine, the sensible arrangement of all control elements within an easy reach of the operator and its operation make it easy to handle & make SAHIL a real user-friendly ONE MAN OFFSET. This mini offset printing machine provides an excellent value for money to printers entering into offset printing field with low budget. 

These Mini Sheetfed Offset Presses are very useful for Letterpress /Treadle printers, Screen printing house & Small offset printers for urgent requirements of printing jobs like.

 Invitations cards Letter pads Sticker sheet Wedding cards EnvelopsInstruction Manual Office stationary Question Papers Leaflets etc.

SAHIL -15 x 20
This is an entry-level mini offset machine for 15" X 20" segment. It can be used for printing using a plate or polyesters. It also provides the facility to use double polyesters for printing at the same time. This Baby offset machine is popular among DTP centers, Xerox Centers and those who convert from letterpress to computerized little offset printing press. This little master offset machine is a very economical machine and gives swift and excellent performance combined with long life. It is extremely user-friendly and is extensively used for short-run multi-color jobs ranging from 6" X 4" inches to 15" X 20" inches on 30 gsm. manifold to 300 gsm. paper/board.

This 15" X 20" size mini offset press is sleek, compact & extremely easy to operate the swift machine. The feature of both 11 X 16 and 15 X 20 size machines are common. SAHIL mini offset machines have an excellent reputation for its advanced features & un-complicated high-quality production compare to another Indian brand, imported, used or rebuilt machines.

Advantages :

» Three cylinders original design» Helical gears wheels
» Chain delivery with three gripper bars» Front lay & Side lay for perfect registration
» Front plate loading system» Print with poly master and plates
» Single lever operation for linking, dampening & impression» Shorter make-ready time
» Digital copy counter & Speedometer» D.C. Drive
» Centralized oil lubrication with pump» Mounted on wheels for easy mobility
» Automatic lnk roller cleaning device» Strong & sturdy heavy duty frame
» 360 degree lengthwise image shifting adjustment» Bright & beautiful finish

Unique Features :Metallurgy :
All three cylinders in the machine are made of hi grade casting. SAHIL offers dynamically designed engineering and rigid steel structural main frame. Heavy-duty side casting in the print head and sturdy feeder and conveyor components are vibration free and dependable.
Shorter Make Ready :
All the operations of the machine such as paper feeding to delivery, ink setting & water control, plate cleaning and changing, Blanket wash-up, vacuum & air blower pressure adjustment, etc can be easily done by a single operator from one position only, as compared to other small Offset Printing Machine available in INDIA.
Centralized Lubrication :
Central lubrication system by Pump which distributes oil by pipelines to various rotating parts, Bearings, Shafts etc.
Chain Delivery :
The Chain Delivery contains 3 gripper bars each one with 5 / 8 grippers. The design of chain delivery is user's friendly and easy. 
Plate Cylinder:
Hard Chrome Plated Plate cylinder has facility to vertical image shifting of 360 degree. It has universal plate clamping system, which clamps Unpunched Plate/Master. It has a facility to do 8 mm cross & lateral shift of the Plate. 
Universal suction feeder:
Machine has Automatic High Speed Vacuum single sheet paper feeder with top sheets separating & fine air blowers System in the feeder unit. It has a vacuum and blower air pressures can be independently controlled as per paper stock & sizes. Conveyor belts with front runner ensures smooth feeding of paper and reduce wastage.
Register Board
The Register board has 4 / 6 High Quality end less belts, which helps to run paper trouble free. It is easy to set as per minimum to maximum paper size.
The Unique Side Lay
The side lay is made of 10 mm push type plate to register the paper up to maximum size. This side lay also reduce the crossing of paper. It has a parallel adjuster facility to correct up to 3 mm of cross in paper cutting. 
Electric Control Panel
Sahil Control Panel ensures operational ease. Simple and user-friendly controls like-machine ON/OFF, vacuum ON/OFF, speed controlling, Iph display& digital counter for operator safety. 

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Machine Specifications

S no Name of equipment
1 Voltage 258V/400V
2 Dimensions(L*W*H) 48000mm*1700mm*2400mm
3 Gross Power 59kw
4 Size Sahil 116(11x16), Sahil 120(15x20)
5 Sheet Size Max.(Printing) Sahil 116(279x406mm 11"x 16"), Sahil 120(381x508mm 15"x20")
6 Sheet Size Min.(Printing) Sahil 116(127x178mm 5"x7"), Sahil 120(127x178mm 5"x7")
7 Printing Area(Printing) Sahil 116(254x394mm 10"x15.5"), Sahil 120(381x495mm 15"x19.5")
8 Gripper Margin(Printing) Sahil 116(9.0mm 0.354"), Sahil 120(9.0mm 0.354")
9 Gripper Bite(Printing) Sahil 116(4 to 6mm 0.157" to 0.236"), Sahil 120(4 to 6mm 0.157" to 0.236")
10 Plate Size(Printing) Sahil 116(304x430x.30mm 12"x17"), Sahil 120(455x508x.30mm 18"x20")
11 Blanket Size(Printing) Sahil 116(304x455x1.9mm 12"x18"), Sahil 120(455x533x1.9mm 18"x21")
12 Stock Thickness(Printing) Sahil 116(30 gsm to 300 gsm), Sahil 120(30 gsm to 300 gsm)
13 Max. Speed(Printing) Sahil 116(2000 to 7000 IPH), Sahil 120(2000 to 7000 IPH)
14 Pile Height(Feeder) Sahil 116(406mm 16"), Sahil 120(406mm 16")
15 Pile Height(Delivery) Sahil 116(355mm 14"), Sahil 120(355mm 14")
16 Total No. of Roller (Inking) Sahil 116(14 Nos. ,Rubber -7Nos. Copper -6 Nos. ), Sahil 120(14 Nos,Rubber -7Nos. Copper -6 Nos.)
17 No. of form Roller(Inking) Sahil 116(2 Nos.,Steel-1 No.), Sahil 120(2 Nos.,Steel-1 No.)
18 Total No. of Roller(Damping) 4 Nos. Rubber - 2 Nos. Steel - 2 Nos.
19 Electrical Supply(Single phase D.C. 415 V, 50 Hz) Sahil 116(Supply with netural 1 KW 1.5 HP), Sahil 120(Supply with netural 1.5 KW 2 HP)
20 Floor Space(Length x width Height) Sahil 116(1880x915x1295mm 74"x36"x 51"), Sahil 120(1880x1168x1295mm 74"x46"x51")
21 Weight approx. Sahil 116(800 Kgs 1760 Lbs.), Sahil 120(900Kgs. 1980Lbs.)
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Machin Part 3
Machin Part 2
Machin Part 1

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