Automatic Paper Carton Erecting & Forming Machine

The Sahil Graphics Automatic Paper Carton Erecting Forming Machine is a game-changer in the packaging industry. This cutting-edge machine is engineered to automate and streamline the process of creating paper cartons and boxes with precision and efficiency.

With a seamless and fully automatic operation, this machine drastically reduces manual labor, saving time and costs for businesses. It is capable of rapidly forming paper cartons of various sizes and configurations, ensuring flexibility to meet diverse packaging needs.

The advanced technology behind this machine enhances productivity and consistency, making it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to boost their packaging operations. It is designed for reliability and precision, ensuring that every carton is formed with the utmost quality and accuracy.

Sahil Graphics has truly redefined the packaging landscape with this Automatic Paper Carton Erecting Forming Machine, making it an invaluable asset for businesses seeking efficiency, quality, and innovation in their packaging processes.

This Sahil Graphics Automatic Carton Erecting machine is designed to efficiently produce various types of boxes such as those for burgers, noodles, French fries, popcorn, meals, sweets, and four-corner trays using a cold glue process.

(Note: Optional hot melt functionality is also available.) It boasts a sturdy construction, ensuring high-quality and efficient box manufacturing.

Sample box

Sample box Automatic Paper Carton Erecting Forming Machine

Detailed specifications

Touch Screen:

touch screen Automatic Paper Carton Erecting Forming Machine
Gluing method automatic paper carton

Gluing Unit:

Counting Unit:

Collecting Unit automatic

Collecting Unit:

Servo Paper feeding unit:

product spec 1


Diagram Automatic Paper Carton Erecting Forming Machine

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Machine Specifications

S no Model
1 Raw Material 200-600g/m² cardboard
2 Productivity 60-160pcs/min
3 Power Source 380V 50Hz
4 Total Power 5.5Kw
5 Production Size
6 Box Length 100-450mm
7 Box Width 100-600mm
8 Box Height 15-200mm
9 Degree 5-40˚
10 Dimensions 3600*1350*1500mm
11 Weight 1800kg
12 Configuration
13 Touch Panel Smart700IE V3
14 PLC Smart ST20
15 Inverter v20,3.7Kw
16 Circuit Breaker 5SY6332-7CC
17 Contactor 3TB4222-0XM0
18 Relay ZY4N-J DC24V
19 Switching Power Source LRS-100-24
20 Photoelectric Switch Omron
21 Proximity Switch Omron
22 Bearing HRB
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