automatic single loop handle
automatic single loop handle

Fully Automatic Soft Loop Handle Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Sahil Graphics (An ISO: 9001 Certified Co.,) Non woven bag making machine has been a leading product of Sahil Graphics. We are pioneer Importers of Soft Loop Handle Ultrasonic welding machines from China. Situated in Delhi we offer all new range of non woven and paper bags machine.Sahil Graphics (An ISO: 9001 Certified Co.,) has been the Indian pioneer in the Importers of Soft Loop Hanle Ultrasonic welding machines from China. Non-woven soft loop handle bag making machine is applied to fix loop handle to non woven bags with two welding dots on in one time. At the rear, one unwind station for the PP Non woven Roll, The fRoll width is identical to the length of soft loop handle, cut into narrow trips, folding the two sides. The flexible handle feeding system is feeding by motor. The roll of Non woven is fed, cut and welded automatically and is precisely positioned to the center of the carrier bag .

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Machine Specifications

S no Name of equipment
1 MODEL LH-800
2 Bag Width 250mm -600mm
3 Bag thickness 20-150 gsm
4 Power AC 220 V
5 Speed 18-30 pcs/min
6 Machine dimension 1650 x 1560 x 1240mm
7 Frequency (Hz) 50
8 Color White
9 Material Stainless Steel
10 Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic
11 Brand Sahil
Machine Parts
Machin Part 3
Machine Parts
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Machine Parts

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