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Paper Straw Making Machine (PS-500)

This Machine is suitable for producing different sizes of paper straws, such as 5mm; 6mm; 8mm; 10mm, 12mm, etc. With upgrade design for cutting device, before with 5 cutting knives, the speed will be 5 meters higher than before, the stable working speed: 40-50m/min.

  1. Adopted with human-machine operation interface, the main motor is equipped with variable frequency speed regulation, Easy for parameters setting & operating.
  2. Paper reeling stand, slitting rolls are easily placed into reel stand by electric lifting device.
  3. Choose single or double glue coating unit.
  4. Spiral winding part, hanging type operation panel, specialized operation system, Belt tension device (hand-wheel has driven).
  5. Multi-knife system in-line cutting unit controlled by encoder, cutting the final paper tube directly.
  6. Main parts: servo motor and inverter all use Schneider brand, Pneumatic components use Air TAC brand, with very stable performance. 

Control System :

Electric MachineryDebong Shanghai
Inverter4kw Schneider
Actuating ElementSchneider
Single ElementOMCH
Pneumatic ComponentsAirTAC
Electrical ComponentsSchneider
Servo Motor1KW Schneider
Moving Wire RodABBA Taiwan
Moving SliderABBA Taiwan
S no Model
1 Paper Layer 2-5 Layer
2 Inner Diameter 4-12mm
3 Thickness 0.3-1mm
4 Speed If with 5 cutters, the stable working speed is 30-40/minutes
5 Cutting System Program Control Multi Knife
6 Cutting Length 120-1050mm
7 Synchronous Tracking and Cutting Servo Motor Synchronous Tracking Cutting
8 Way of Gluing Single/Double
9 Fixed Length Way Encoder
10 Operator 1-2 Person
11 Speed Control Pole Free Speed Regulation
12 Fuselage Parts 380v/3phase/50Hz
13 Glue System Three Layer Spray Type
14 Fuselage Parts Medium Carbon Iron Plate / Stainless Steel
15 Model No. BS4535LA
16 Power supply 380V
17 Total power 9.6KW
18 Loading weight 30KGS
19 Size 1600X700X1100MM
20 Conveyor speed 0-10M/MIN
21 Weight 120KGS
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Paper Straw Making Machine

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