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Machine Specifications

S no Name of equipment
1 Max.Paper/Bag Size(mm) SG-318(365 x 470), SG-322(406 x 560), SG-324(457 x 620)
2 Max. Printing Area(mm) SG-318(345 x 450), SG-322(375 x 550), SG-324(457 x 620)
3 Min.Paper/Bag Size(mm) SG-318(125 x 180), SG-322(125 x 180), SG-324(180 x 260)
4 Plate Size(0.20-0.28mm) SG-318(395 x 470), SG-322(420 x 560), SG-324(480 x 620)
5 Blanket Size (mm) SG-318(420 x 470), SG-322(460 x560), SG-324(505 x 620)
6 Paper thickness SG-318(30-250g/m2), SG-322(30-250g/m2), SG-324(40-250g/m2)
7 Bag thickness SG-318(42-150g/m2), SG-322(42-150g/m2), SG-324(60-150g/m2)
8 Ink Rollers SG-318(14 (3 form inking rollers)), SG-322(14 (3 form inking rollers)), SG-324(14 Ink Rollers)
9 Water Rollers SG-318(5 (2 form inking rollers)), SG-322(5 (2 form inking rollers)), SG-324(4 Water Rollers)
10 Printing Speed(for Paper) SG-318(2000-8000 IPH), SG-322(2000-8000 IPH), SG-324(2000-7000 IPH)
11 Printing Speed(for Bags) SG-318(2000-3000 IPH), SG-322(2000-3000 IPH), SG-324(2000-3000 IPH)
12 Power (single Phase) SG-318(3KW), SG-322(3KW), SG-324(4KW)
13 Overall Dimensions SG-318(3500 X 950 X 1340mm), SG-322(3600 x 1100 x 1340mm), SG-324(4000 x 1200 x 1420mm)
14 Weight SG-318(1800 kg), SG-322(2000 kg), SG-324(2000 kg)
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