Fully Automatic Twisted Rope Handle Square Bottom Paper Bag

Fully Automatic Twisted Rope Handle Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

Fully Automatic Twisted Rope Handle Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine combines precision engineering and innovative features to streamline the bag-making process. With this machine, you can effortlessly produce square bottom paper bags with sturdy twisted rope handles, meeting the growing demand for eco-friendly and stylish packaging solutions.

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High Productivity: The machine is designed for high-speed production, allowing you to generate a large volume of finished bags in a short period. This enhances your overall production efficiency and helps meet customer demands.

Hydraulic lift

Precise Bag Making: Our Fully Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine With Handle ensures accurate and consistent bag dimensions, ensuring uniformity and professional aesthetics. The square bottom design offers increased stability, making the bags suitable for various applications, including retail, food service, and promotional purposes.

Hydraulic lift

Twisted Rope Handle Application: The fully automatic square bottom paper bag making machine application system integrated into the machine simplifies the handle attachment process. It ensures secure and reliable handle placement, enhancing bag durability and usability.

Automatic Glue Dispensing

Versatile Bag Specifications: Our machine accommodates various bag sizes, allowing you to cater to a wide range of packaging requirements. Whether you need small boutique bags or large shopping bags, the machine can adapt to your needs with ease.

Automatic Glue Dispensing

User-Friendly Operation: The machine incorporates user-friendly controls and an intuitive interface, making it easy for operators to set parameters, monitor production, and perform maintenance tasks. Minimal training is required to operate the machine efficiently, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Dual Plate technology: The forming

Quality and Durability: We understand the importance of producing high-quality bags that reflect the value of your brand. Our fully automatic paper bag machine in India is built to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring durable and visually appealing bags that leave a lasting impression on customers.

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Energy Efficiency: Our machine is designed with energy-saving features, optimizing power consumption without compromising performance. This not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with sustainable manufacturing practices.

High Quality Materials

Contact us today to learn more about our Fully Automatic Twisted Rope Handle Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine and how it can transform your bag production process. Experience the efficiency, reliability, and quality that our machine brings to your packaging operations.

Manufacturing facilities:

In order to produce high quality machines a high class cnc centre has setup in factory facility supporting on production to ensure high precision standard on parts such as main frame structure, big drum,middle clip,side claws which need very high core density.We invest on high level CNC center.


Bag width220-460mm
Paper Thickness60-150GSM
Max. Bag bottom width100-200mm
Tube length260-430mm
Rolled paper width625-1350mm
Rolled paper diameter1300mm
Inner diameter of paper76mm
Total power15KW (3Phase)
Air pressure690KPA
Net weight7500KG
Max. speed30-150pcs/min
Dimension approx.15*8*2.6m
Round rope technical parameter
Handle paster length190mm
Handle paster width50mm
Paper rope spacing95mm
Handle paper rope diameter3-5mm
Handle poster paper roll width100mm
Handle paper roll width1000mm
Handle paster gram per square meter80-135g/m2


The complete machine is divided into 4 parts as follows:

  1. Roll feeding section
roll feeding section.png

2. Bag forming unit.

Bag forming unit.png

3. Handle Making unit

Handle Making unit.png

4. Handle sticking unit

Handle sticking unit.png

5. Delivery conveyor unit.

Delivery conveyor unit.png

6. Machine electrical panel

Machine electrical panel.png

Part 1 Reel Feeding Unit

  1. Reel feeding is equipped with an automatic hydraulic lifting function, now lifting heavyreels is ways easy and can be done with a push of button
    • Unwind using air shaft.
    • Heavy Brakes ensure great tension when required.
    • Automatic tension control system provides appropriate tension to the paper in the entire reel cycle.
  2. Machine is equipped with automatic edge correction system, which help tube formation greatly and reduce wastage.

Automatic side glue dispensing system provides exact amount of glue required with respect of different quality of paper. It also ensures, dispensing exact amount of glue required with the speed of running paper.

Part 2 Paper bag forming unit

  1. This is this the unit where maximum operations is executed, starting with:
    • Tube forming
    • Side pasting
    • Bag creasing
    • Bottom opening
    • Bottom Gluing Bottom closing.
  2. Former unit has two servo motor which ensure right cutting. The cutting height can bechanged automatically with the touch screen.
  3. The mechanical component used in former is high in quality which provides smoothperformance with great stability
  4. The machine structure is heavy duty ensures high durability of machine working round the clock
  5. Auto detection electric sensors has been installed in the former unit which reduces breakdown.

Part 3 Handle Making Unit

Two rolls of raw paper and paper rope are fed together, and the roll of raw paper and the wound round paper rope are glued with water glue and hot glue; then the hand-pull sheet is conveyed and pressed by the pressing device; The handle is cut in half and sent to the sticking mechanism.

Side glue systemSpray glue1 Set
Handle machine hot meltglue machine1 Set
Servo motor driveMitsubishi, Japan1 Pc

Part 4 Handle sticking unit

Cut the delivered handle piece and then transfer it to the longitudinal push claw; the offset station will send the cut handle to the designated position of the bag mouth where the paper bag is to be produced; then give the handle and the paper bag a designated position. Water glue and glue, then press and fix the handle pasted on the paper bag and transfer it to the forming unit.

Hand glue systemAutomatically add glue1set
Handle detection electric eyePanasonic1pc
Drive Servo motorMitsubishi , Japan1pc
Stab Servo motorMitsubishi , Japan1pc
Gluing Servo motorMitsubishi , Japan1pc
Transmission Servo motorMitsubishi , Japan1pc

5. Machine Material

Tube former materialStainless steel
Shaft materialEN 8 hard chromed
CAMS materialsEN24, EN31
RollerAnodized aluiminium , stainless steel
Cutter roller assemblyDynamically balanced
Central drumAssembly Dynamically balanced with hard chromed
LubricationCentralized automatic cooling
Part 6 Finished bag collection unit
The formed paper bags are pressed and conveyed out of the belt. The bag collecting unit receive the data from plc and can stack bag produced in desiredquantity.
Automatic detection of electric eyesAutomatic counting photo eye

Part 7 Machine Electrical panel

The electrical panel of the machine can be named the brain of the machine in simpleterms. It is equipped with best in class quality of components to deliver seamless work performance. It is also equipped safety devices which safeguards the machine from easily being damage.

Component used in the machine are as follows. Automatic fault detection function

This function is mainly used when the machine is running in a normal high-speed state, if an unexpected situation occurs, the machine can be automatically stopped immediately to avoid unnecessary losses.

2. Automatic refueling system

The system is mainly to automatically supply oil to the machine when it is running, to

ensure that the gears of all parts of the machine are well lubricated, so that the machinecan exert better performance under long-term operation

Part 8 Component coatings
The thickness of the shaft Hard chromeplating layer                            < .1 mm
Part 9 Others
Fastening screw materials            UNBRAKO (USA) Conveyor belt material                 PTG Bearing                                         SKF (Switzerland) Pneumatic components                 JANATICS
S no Model Series A - 360 Series A - 460 Series A - 460 L
1 1: Paper bag part
2 Cutting Length C 270-530mm
3 Bag Width W 120-330mm
200-330mm (Handle)
240-450mm (Handle)
240-450mm (Handle)
4 Bottom Width H 80-200mm
80-180mm (Handle)
80-180mm (Handle)
100-220mm (Handle)
5 Paper Thickness 60-140 gsm
80-140 gsm (Handle)
80-140 gsm
80-140 gsm (Handle)
80-140 gsm
80-140 gsm (Handle)
6 Paper Roll Maximum Width 1050mm 1290mm 1370mm
7 Roll Paper Diameter 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
8 Paper Core 78mm 78mm 78mm
9 2: Rope Handle part
10 Patch Lengtn a 152mm 180mm 180mm
11 Patch Widtn b 45-50mm 45-50mm 45-50mm
12 Handle Rope Height d 100mm 100mm 100mm
13 Handle Distance c 75mm 95mm 95mm
14 Rope Diameter 3-5mm 3-5mm 3-5mm
15 Patch Paper Roll Widtn 90-100mm 90-100mm 90-100mm
16 Patch Paper Roll Diameter 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
17 Patch Paper Thickness 100-130gsm 100-130gsm 100-130gsm
18 3: Specification
19 Production Speed for Bags Without Handles 30-180 bags/min 30-180 bags/min 30-185 bags/min
20 Production Speed for Bags With Handles 30-140 bags/min 30-120 bags/min 30-110 bags/min
21 Bottom Folding Type
22 Cutting Knife Teeth Cutting
23 Power Supply 380 V 3Phase 40KW 380 V 3Phase 40KW 380 V 3Phase 43KW
24 Machine Weight 13.5T 14.5T 16T
25 Machine Size 15000X6000X2700mm 17000X6000X2700mm 17000X6000X2700mm
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Fully Automatic Twisted Rope Handle Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

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