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High-Speed Paper Cup Making Machine XT 1200

Sahil Graphics' XT 1200 is a remarkable device that can produce an astounding 120 cups per minute. Its environmentally friendly design, which maximizes performance and reduces waste, is what makes it unique. For companies looking to enhance their production procedures while simultaneously lessening their environmental effect, this makes it a wise decision.

The cutting-edge technology of the XT 1200, which guarantees peak performance and efficiency, is one of its primary characteristics. Its easy-to-use interface also saves operators time and effort by making management and maintenance simple.  

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Machine Specifications

S no Model
1 Automation Open CAM, Gear based, Fully Automatic Machine
2 Lubrication Auto Lubrication
3 Maximum Speed 120 Pcs/Min
4 Stable Speed 95-100 Pcs/Min
5 Power source 3 Phase 380V 50Hz
6 General power 4 kw
7 Weight 1300 Kg
8 Dimension 2100x1100x1700 MM
9 Cup Size 50 ML - 270 ML
10 Maximum Height 90 MM
11 Paper Specification 150-350 GSM(Single/Double PE Coated)
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