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The High Speed Non Woven Bag Making Machine

The High Speed Non Woven Bag Making Machine is a revolution in non woven bag making machine industry. Now It has been arrived in India. Now you can manufacture the non woven bags at 2x speed. The total production of a day can be doubled.

With the continuous efforts to upgrade the industry from the past two years, this High-Speed Non-Woven Bag Making Machine masterpiece has been engineered by Sahil Graphics. The technology is moving fast. Now take the next step to move faster.

The high-speed non woven bag making machine is geared by high-speed motors and drives from Taiwan, driven by specially designed plc. The photosensors receptivity has been increased. High speed rollers have mechanized to support the Non woven bag making machine run at immense speed.

Manufacturing Process

Indian market is very competitive amongst. Keeping a deep eye on it, we came to a solution. The non woven bag prices will be decreased without cutting your profit. Superfine quality of bags is made without compromising the production. Every kind of carry will be made by the manufacturer such as shopping carry bags, wine bags, shoe bags. Now get as many orders you want. Sahil high-speed bag making machine can do it all alone.

S noName of equipment
2Production Speed100 – 130 PCS/min
3Total Power6.0 KW
4Weight Approx3000 kgs
5Man-Power Required1 skilled/1 unskilled
6Bag Making Width100-800mm
7Bag Making Length200-580 mm
8Bag making Thickness30-100 gsm
9Machine Dimension(LxWxH)8000x1800x2000
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Automatic Box Type High Speed Non Woven Bag Making Machine with Handle Attachment

Integrated with advanced technology, Automatic Box Type High Speed Non Woven Bag Making Machine with Handle Attachment is extensively used in packaging industry for manufacturing a variety of non woven bags. It is a fully automatic machine that requires less or no intervention of human labor for operation.

One can easily set the required width, length and thickness of the bag designed through a user friendly interface installed in the machine. It is manufactured in accordance with industry standards using quality tested materials. The machine is highly appreciated for its excellent production capacity and high load bearing strength.

S noName of equipment
1Production speedNW-600(40-90 PCS/min ), NW-700(40-90 PCS/min), NW-800(40-90 PCS/min)
2Total Power6.0 KW
3Weight Approx.3000 kgs
4Man-Power required1 skilled/1 unskilled
5Bag Making Width100-800mm
6Bag Making lengthNW-600(200-480 mm), NW-700(200-580 mm), NW-800(200-680 mm)
7Bag making thickness30-100 gsm
8Machine Dimension(LxWxH)NW-600(7600x1650x1800), NW-700(8000x1800x2000), NW-800(8500x1850x2000)
9Gross Power59 HP
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Fully Automatic Non-Woven Handle Bag Making Machine

Fully Automatic Non-woven Handle Bag Making Machine is appreciated for its excellent capacity of manufacturing a variety of non-woven bags in different shapes such as flat bag, vest bag, wearing rope bag and zipper bag. 

Integrated with a LCD touch screen that ensure ease of operation, the machine is loaded with highly advanced features like photoelectric tracking, computer automatic edge correction, automatic positioning computer, automatic counting, counting alarm, automatic punching and automatic hot handle control device. 

It produces bulk amount of box bags with finished strong sealing and tangent appearance. The machine can manufacture bags in different widths, lengths and thickness according to the requirement of industry.

S noName of equipment
1Production speedNW-600(40-90 PCS/min), NW-700(40-90 PCS/min), NW-800(40-90 PCS/min)
3Gross Power90 HP DC Motor and Panel
5Total Power6.0 KW
6Weight Approx.3000 kgs
7Man-Power required1 skilled/1 unskilled
8Bag Making Width100-800mm
9Bag Making lengthNW-600(200-480 mm), NW-700(200-580 mm), NW-800(200-680 mm)
10Bag making thickness30-100 gsm
11Machine Dimension(LxWxH)NW-600(7600x1650x1800), NW-700(8000x1800x2000), NW-800(8500x1850x2000)
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Non Woven Tri-Dimensional Box Bag Making Machine

Non Woven Tri-dimensional Box Bag Making Machines a fully automatic machine, widely used in packaging industry. It is loaded with some of the advanced features such as computer fixed length, photo eye tracking, auto stop, step motor feeding material, automatic side correction, folding device, ultrasonic roll off and dependable microcomputer control. 

The machine requires less labor for operation and thus reduces the overall cost on production. Manufactured using robust material, the machine is in compliance with industry standards. It is well equipped with all the advanced measures that make the operation safe and secure. 

S noName of equipment
1size14”X58.5, 66”X92” & 18”X94.5
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Non-Woven Bag Making Machine

Non-Woven Bag Making Machine is a revolution in the packaging industry with its more controlled and precise performance. In the machine, there are installed various control devices like auto-counting and other safety alarms for safe and secure operation. It is also integrated with an advanced Ultrasonic-bonding technology that ensures a highly strong seal in the bags. 

The major advantage in this machine is its auto tension control and accurate high-speed cutting. It is highly acknowledged among customers for its excellent production speed, customization option in width and length of the bag, the requirement of less manpower and continuous operation.

S noName of equipment
1Production speedNW-600 (40-90 PCS/min), NW-700 (40-90 PCS/min), NW-800 (40-90 PCS/min)
2Total PowerNW-600 (6.0 KW), NW-700 (6.0 KW), NW-800 (6.0 KW)
3Weight Approx.NW-600 (3000 kgs), NW-700 (3000 kgs), NW-800 (3000 kgs)
4Man-Power requiredNW-600 (1 skilled/1 unskilled), NW-700 (1 skilled/1 unskilled), NW-800 (1 skilled/1 unskilled)
5Bag Making WidthNW-600 (100-800mm), NW-700 (100-800mm), NW-800 (100-800mm)
6Bag Making lengthNW-600 (200-480 mm), NW-700 (200-580 mm), NW-800 (200-680 mm)
7Bag making thicknessNW-600 (30-100 gsm), NW-700 (30-100 gsm), NW-800 (30-100 gsm)
8Machine Dimension(LxWxH)NW-600 (7600x1650x1800), NW-700 (8000x1800x2000), NW-800 (8500x1850x2000)
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