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Two Colour Non Woven Bag Printing Machine

Two Colour Non-woven fabrics bag printing machine is 2-in-1 Model Machine suitable to print two colours in single pass on Non-woven bags and Papers & four colour by passing the same two times. SG has developed next generation Non -woven two colour bag Printing Machines to offer high quality print results on Non Woven Cloth Printing. SG-222 Two Colour Non woven D cut bag printing machine is developed with a classic modern designing idea.

Sahil Imported Non woven Bag to Bag printing machine is compact & has an efficient design. Sahil bi-colour non woven fabric offset printing machines have been specially made for quick printing to meet the requirement for quality short/long run jobs on non woven d cut bags & fabrics. 

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Machine Specifications

S noName of equipment
1Max.Paper/Bag Size(mm)SG-218(365 x 470), SG-222(406 x 560), SG-224(457x 620)
2Max. Printing Area(mmSG-218(345 x 450), SG-222(375 x 550), SG-224(440 x 605)
3Min.Paper/Bag Size(mm)SG-218(125 x 180), SG-222(125 x 180), SG-224(180 x 260)
4Plate Size(0.20-0.28mm)SG-218(395 x 470), SG-222(420 x 560), SG-224(505 x 620)
5Blanket Size (mm)SG-218(420 x 470), SG-222(460 x560), SG-224(505x 620)
6Paper thicknessSG-218(30-250g/m2), SG-222(30-250g/m2), SG-224(30-250g/m2)
7Bag thicknessSG-218(42-150g/m2), SG-222(42-150g/m2), SG-224(42-150g/m2)
8Printing Speed(for Paper)SG-218(2000-8000 IPH), SG-222(2000-8000 IPH), SG-224(2000-8000 IPH)
9 Printing Speed (for Bags)SG-218(2000-8000 IPH), SG-222(2000-8000 IPH), SG-224(2000-8000 IPH)
10Ink RollersSG-218(14 (3 form inking rollers)), SG-222(14 (3 form inking rollers)), SG-224(14 (3 form inking rollers))
11Water RollersSG-218(5 (2 form inking rollers)), SG-222(5 (2 form inking rollers)), SG-224(5 (2 form inking rollers))
12Power (single Phase)SG-218(2.5KW), SG-222(2.5KW), SG-224(3.0KW)
13Overall DimensionsSG-218(2900 X 950 X 1340mm), SG-222(3200 x 1100 x 1340mm), SG-224(3500 x 1200 x 1500 mm)
14WeightSG-218(1200 kg), SG-222(1300 kg), SG-224(1500)

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