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Non Woven Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine

Sizes:- 28”, 32”, 36” , 48”, 52” 60” & 65”

Sahil Non-woven fabric roll to sheet cutting machine is design for non woven fabric sheet cutting. It is necessary equipment for reel to sheet cutting of non woven fabric of any thickness. It adopts servo motor (or stepless motor) for controlling constant-length cutting. It has the functions of easy operation, high precision, good stability, low noise. (Pneumatic device is optional). 

We present an exclusive range of roll to sheet cut machines is manufactured & supplied by out organization which consist of high graded raw materials. These machines are suitable for cut-off and rip cut of non woven and poly material. The major features of these machines include control of length fix and cut-off.

S no Name of equipment
1 Model NW-R2S
2 Length of cutting 3”-65”
3 Speed 3000 sheets per hour
4 Thickness 30 to 450 gsm
5 Total Power 2 HP single phase
6 Weight (approx.) 650kg
7 Overall Dimension (LxWxH) 10’×4.5’×5’
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Motorized U Cut & Vest Cutting Machine

Sahil Graphics (An ISO: 9001 Certified Co.,) has been the Indian pioneer in the Importers Non-woven fabrics vest cut or D-cut machines from China. The machine is suitable to cut the Rock Arm Vest Cut and U-Cut on Non Woven Bags It is simple to operate and its operating function is more safe. The cutting point setting is simple, accurate, light and handy. 

S no Name of equipment
1 Power 1.5 HP
2 Stroke Range 75 mm
3 Cutting width 370mm, 380mm & 500mm
4 Weight 1.5 HP
5 Working area 710 x 410mm
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Ultrasonic Non-woven Bag Sealing Machine

Sahil Graphics (An ISO: 9001 Certified Co.,) has been the Indian pioneer in the Importers Non-woven fabrics bag sealing machines from China. Non-woven fabrics ultrasonic welding machine with high speed motor and fully automatic chassis rotary lace seamer machine. These ultrasonic sealing machines are easy to operate and known for their hassle free operation. This Ultrasonic Sealing Bag Making Machine takes non-woven as raw materials. It can produce non-woven bags of various sizes and shapes, such as non-woven shopping bags, reticules, flat port bags, clothing bags, shoes bags, and other products packaging bags. This machinery is an optical choice for the non-woven bag making enterprise and businessmen devoted to the production of non-woven environment friendly bags. Power can be adjusted according to material thickness. The frequency can be changed automatically. The machine runs stable, operation is easy and common worker can operate the machine. 

S no Name of equipment
1 Roted Voltage 220 +-5V / 50 Hz 6A
2 Power 1500w - 2500w
3 Machine Dimension L - 1300mm, W - 650mm, H - 1500mm
4 Production Speed 0-15m/min
5 Effective Width 60mm
6 Supporting Pattern Dies 1mm - 60mm,(Pattern Dies 1mm - 60mm avilable for all widths) (50mm - 80mm)(Diameter 50mm - 80mm pattern die)
7 Ambient Temperature -10cc 140c
8 Machine Weight 100kg
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Fully Automatic Soft Loop Handle Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Sahil Graphics (An ISO: 9001 Certified Co.,) Non woven bag making machine has been a leading product of Sahil Graphics. We are pioneer Importers of Soft Loop Handle Ultrasonic welding machines from China. Situated in Delhi we offer all new range of non woven and paper bags machine.Sahil Graphics (An ISO: 9001 Certified Co.,) has been the Indian pioneer in the Importers of Soft Loop Hanle Ultrasonic welding machines from China. Non-woven soft loop handle bag making machine is applied to fix loop handle to non woven bags with two welding dots on in one time. At the rear, one unwind station for the PP Non woven Roll, The fRoll width is identical to the length of soft loop handle, cut into narrow trips, folding the two sides. The flexible handle feeding system is feeding by motor. The roll of Non woven is fed, cut and welded automatically and is precisely positioned to the center of the carrier bag .

S no Name of equipment
1 MODEL LH-800
2 Bag Width 250mm -600mm
3 Bag thickness 20-150 gsm
4 Power AC 220 V
5 Speed 18-30 pcs/min
6 Machine dimension 1650 x 1560 x 1240mm
7 Frequency (Hz) 50
8 Color White
9 Material Stainless Steel
10 Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic
11 Brand Sahil
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Ultrasonic Spot Welder for Handle Attachment

Sahil Graphics (An ISO: 9001 Certified Co.,) has been the Indian pioneer in the Importers Non-woven fabrics spot welder or handle attachment machines from China. It is a very useful machine to attach handles on non-woven fabric bags. 

S no Name of equipment
1 Power Supply 220V - 50Hz(60Hz)
2 Outer Dimensions 1200 x 550 x 1100mm
3 Electic Power 220VAC + 5% 600w
4 Production Speed Welding one time per second, 4000-6000 pieces respirators per day
5 Manpower Distribution One worker can operate the machine independently
6 Optional 1.5HP Compressor
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Non Woven Roll To Roll Slitting Machine

S no Name of equipment
1 Cutting Width(Slitting Width) 25-1800mm
2 Cutting Speed(Slitting Speed) 30-80m/min
3 Voltage Requirement(Power Supply) 380V/220V 50Hz
4 Total Power 3KW
5 Boundary Dimension(Overall Size) 2400x1800x950mm
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