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Paper Bag Making Machine(SG-PBM 270 / 350)

Model: SG-PBM 270 / 350

A revolutionary machine SG-PBM 270 / 350 which is mastered to produce finest paper bag with high performance speed.
Get the bags ready at minimum making cost. Great finishing equipped by precision geared motor and glue motor. Rugged structure ensures better quality and life of machine.

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Machine Specifications

S noName of equipment
1ModelSG-PBM 270, SG-PBM 350
2Paper Weight30-80 g/m2 , 30-80 g/m2
3Bag Length160-450 mm , 160-450 mm
4Bag Width70-270 mm , 70-350 mm
5Paper Roll Width260-720 mm , 260-900 mm
6Unwind Roll Dia.1000 mm , 1000 mm
7Machine Speed60-600 bags/min , 60-600 bags/min
8Machine Weight (Approx.)2000 kg , 2300 kg
9Drive Motor3.7 kw AC Variable , 3.7 kw AC Variable
10Glue Motor70 w , 70 w
11Machine Dimension (Approx.)3657 x 1960 x 1524 mm
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