hamburger box making machine
hamburger box making machine

Paper Lunch Box Making Machine

Carton Erecting is an ideal equipment to produce paper box such as.

1) Hamburger box
2) Burger Box
3) Clamshell Box
4) Paper Food Container
5) Sweet Box
6) Popcorn Box
7) Lunch Box
8) Biryani Box
9) Fast food Boxes ie., Samosa trays, Cutlet trays etc.,
10) Laddu boxes and many more….

We can add a hot melt glue device to the machine as per customer requirement.

Detailed specifications

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Machine Specifications

S no Model
1 Blank Length (L) 100mm-450mm
2 Blank Width (B) 100mm-580mm
3 Height of side flap 20mm-220mm
4 Height of side Flaps + lid 50mm-220mm
5 Cronicity 5° - 40°
6 Speed 60 to 80 pcs/min
7 Glue Cold & Hot Melt(Hot Melt Must)
Paper Lunch Box Making Machine
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