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Fully Automatic Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Making Machine with Top Fold

The ZB1200CS-430 sheet-feeding paper bag making machine is suitable for the mass bag production, it is the first choice of medium and top grade handbag device. The product adopts mechanical, electricity, light, gas integration technology, setting a number of its proprietary technology, use the creased sheet paper as raw material, can one-time finish, paper feeding, positioning, top folding, tube forming, gusset forming, square bottom folding and gluing automatic, and then compaction output. The variable speed drive technology, combined with the system of vertical and horizontal creasing, bottom folding realize trackless bag molding process. Using the PLC programmable control, frequency control technology to realize the integral multi-dimensional control, more centralized control and single point remote control operating system. With characteristics of good quality and high efficiency, its technology ranks leading level in domestic similar products. 

Special Features :

  • Automatic feeder
  • Automatic side pasting
  • Automatic bottom folding
  • Automatic bottom pasting
  • Automatic top folding
  • Automatic gusset forming
  • Automatic
  • Screw rod adjusting bottom clip system

Suitable Paper Size :

Max. Size120060017543050070
Min. Size5403208018025030

Art paper, white board and ivory board need lamination, over 160gsm need die-cutting in advance. 140/150gsm Kraft paper and 150/157gsm art paper no need to die-cutting.

Technical Process :

SG 1200CS - 430 - Optional Equipment :

Enhanced prestack paper feeder to realize nonstop paper feeding, greatly save the time to load and adjust raw paper. 

Compaction Output Unit
Compaction in layers by overlapping of bags Pneumatic pressure
Ensures fast and strong adhesion and compaction Operator friendly collection of output bags.

Nordson Hot-melt gluing system
Ensures high quality, fast and strong adhesion
In addition to water soluble cold glue system for gluing of thicker Paper. 

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Machine Specifications

S noName of equipment
1Input Max Size (Sheet)1200X600mm
2Input Min Size (Sheet)540X320mm
3Bottom Width80-175mm
4Bag Width180-430mm
5Sheet Weight140-300g/m2
7Machine Dimensions14800 x 2400 x 1800 mm
8Glue TypeHolt Melt + Water Base
9Machine Weight (Approx.)12 T
10Top Folding Deepth30-70mm
11Total Power20kw
Machin Part 4
Machin Part 1

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