Paper Bowl Machine BX-700

The BX-700 Paper Bowl Machine ensures efficient, automated production. Operating at 50-55 pcs/min with a max speed of 70 pcs/min, it delivers consistent output. Equipped with a high-speed open CAM, gear-based mechanism, and auto lubrication, it's reliable and user-friendly. Accommodating bowl sizes from 150 ML to 1000 ML, with a top diameter of 90-150 MM and height of 50-130 MM, it offers design versatility. Supporting paper specifications from 170 to 350 GSM, it caters to diverse production needs. Sturdy and intuitive, the BX-700 is the top choice for efficient and high-quality paper bowl manufacturing.

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Machine Specifications

S no Model
1 Automation Hign Speed Open CAM, Gear based, Fully Automatic Machine
2 Lubrication Auto Lubrication
3 Maximum Speed 50-70 Pcs/Min
4 Stable Speed 50-55Pcs/Min
5 Power source 3 Phase 380V 50Hz
6 General power 8.5 kw
7 Weight 3000 Kg
8 Dimension 2400x1400x1800 MM
9 Bowl Size 150 ML - 1000ML
10 Top Diameter 90-150 MM
11 Bowl Height 50-130 MM
12 Knurling Depth 6-10 MM
13 Paper Specification 170-350 GSM
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