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V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine(PBM SM 270/ PBM 350/ PBM 650)

The new and modern Grocery Bag Making Machine is now available in the market. It comes equipped with numerous latest features such as a servo motor which allows the length of the bag to be changed with the help of the advanced touch screen. Thanks to a high precision photocell, pre-printed rolls can be easily cut according to one’s need and requirement.

Key Elements :

  • Aluminum Drum V3.0 makes way for high speed with excellent stability.
  • Bold and sharp knives provide a perfect cut each and every time.
  • The electrical panel is created using the delta drive along with standard components which makes the task simpler and efficient at the same time.
  • Pneumatic lift makes carrying and moving the heavy paper rolls easy and effortless.
  • Upgraded Glue Tray to control the amount of glue used.
  • The high quality printing capability of Anilox rollers is made use of in the printing unit for bold and clear prints.
  • Gears are made up of EN-8D Metal, which provides long life and rigidity, and the machine can work for years without any hassles.
  •  The high-quality and efficient 5HP motors used generates 1440RPM.  It is important to use branded motors of Havells/ABB/Crompton for smooth functioning.
  •  Thanks to the high-end machines, changing width of the bag has never been easier, now changeover time is very less making way for more bags in less time.

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Machine Specifications

S noModelSG-PBM 270SG-PBM 350SG-PBM 650
1Paper Weight30-80g/m230-80g/m230-80g/m2
2Bag Length (L)160-450mm160-450mm200-650mm
3Bag Width (W)70-270mm70-350mm80-450mm
4Paper Roll Width260-720mm260-940mm260-1200mm
5Unwind Roll Dia.1000mm1000mm1000mm
6Machine Speed60-500 bags/min60-500 bags/min60-250 bags/min
7Machine Weight1800kg2000kg2500kg
8Drive Motor5HP AC variable5HP AC variable5HP AC variable
9Glue Motor70 W70 W70 W
10Dimensions (Approx.)14x5x5.5ft.14x6x5.5ft.14x7x5.5ft.
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