hamburger box making machine
hamburger box making machine

Clamshell Box Making Machine

Nothing beats experiencing the transformative power that comes with Sahil Graphics’ Clamshell Box Making Machine. By giving unmatched efficiency and precision, redefine how you carry out packaging activities. Swiftly create customized clamshell boxes to suit different industry needs without any hitches. When it comes to packaging technology, innovate and be guaranteed of reliable solutions that offer superior quality. This ground-breaking solution will be ensuring that you take a step forward into the future of packaging through Sahil Graphics.

Sample Clamshell Box

clamshell box making machine

Detailed specifications

Touch Screen:

touch screen Automatic Paper Carton Erecting Forming Machine
Gluing method automatic paper carton

Gluing Unit:

Counting Unit:

Collecting Unit automatic

Collecting Unit:

Servo Paper feeding unit:

product spec 1


Diagram Automatic Paper Carton Erecting Forming Machine

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Machine Specifications

S no Model
1 Blank Length (L) 100mm-450mm
2 Blank Width (B) 100mm-580mm
3 Height of side Flaps 20mm-220mm
4 Height of side Flaps + lid 50mm-220mm
5 Cronicity 5° - 40°
6 Speed 60 to 80 pcs/min
7 Glue Cold & Hot Melt (Hot Melt Must)
Clamshell Box Making Machine
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