hamburger box making machine
hamburger box making machine

Paper Food Box Making Machine

Sahil Graphics’ Paper Food Box Making Machine introduces a new concept in food packaging solutions where efficiency is at its peak. Our built-in precision, timing, and quality are unmatched in the production of food boxes by making sure that we have a seamlessly working technology. If you are keen on branding commodities and using world-class packaging, our engineering solutions are now available for you. You definitely want to have the full-on experience of what makes Sahil Graphics stand out, so try it out today.

Paper Food Container Box


Detailed specifications

Touch Screen:

touch screen Automatic Paper Carton Erecting Forming Machine
Gluing method automatic paper carton

Gluing Unit:

Counting Unit:

Collecting Unit automatic

Collecting Unit:

Servo Paper feeding unit:

product spec 1


Diagram Automatic Paper Carton Erecting Forming Machine

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Machine Specifications

S no Model
1 Blank Length (L) 100mm-450mm
2 Blank Width (B) 100mm-580mm
3 Height of side flap 20mm-220mm
4 Height of side Flaps + lid 50mm-220mm
5 Cronicity 5° - 40°
6 Speed 60 to 80 pcs/min
7 Glue Cold & Hot Melt (Hot Melt Must)
Clamshell Box Making Machine
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