V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine
V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine(PBM 270C/ PBM 350C/ PBM 650C)

With the advancement in technology, new and modern machines are coming up in the market, one such new entry in the field of bag-making machine is a new range of Grocery Bag Making Machine which has an additional feature of 2-color printing On-Line.

Key Elements :

  • Aluminum Drum V3.0 provides the machine with high speed with increased stability.
  • Sharp knives provide a perfect cut every time.
  • The electrical panel has been created using the Delta drive along with standard components.
  • Lifting the heavy rolls was never so easy, with and advanced Pneumatic Lift, this work can be done easily and effortlessly.
  • Advanced and latest Glue Tray allows keeping control over the amount of glue used.
  • Due to the superior printing capability of Anilox rollers, the prints are bold and clear.
  • The long life and rigidity of the gears are made sure with EN-8D Metal.
  • High quality and branded motor of Havells/ABB/ Crompton is used which has the power of 5HP motors generates 1440RPM.
  • Less change over time, so changing the width of the bag has become simpler and faster.

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Machine Specifications

S no Model SG-PBM 270C SG-PBM 350C SG-PBM 650C
1 Paper Weight 30-80g/m2 30-80g/m2 30-80g/m2
2 Bag Length (L) 160-450mm 160-450mm 200-650mm
3 Bag Width (W) 70-270mm 70-350mm 80-450mm
4 Paper Roll Width 260-720mm 260-940mm 260-1200mm
5 Unwind Roll Dia. 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
6 Machine Speed 60-500 bags/min 60-500 bags/min 60-250 bags/min
7 Printing Type Flexographic Flexographic Flexographic
8 Printing Repeat Type 280-450mm 280-450mm 280-650mm
9 Max Effective Printing Width 720mm 900mm 1100mm
10 Flexo Plate Thickness 2.8mm 2.8mm 2.8mm
11 Machine Weight 2500kg 2800kg 3200kg
12 Weight (Approx.) 1800 Kg 2000 Kg 2500 Kg
13 Drive Motor 5HP AC variable 5HP AC variable 5HP AC variable
14 Glue Motor 70 W 70 W 70 W
15 Dimensions (Approx.) 14x5x5.5ft. 14x6x5.5ft. 14x7x5.5ft.
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