Non Woven Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine

Sizes:- 28”, 32”, 36” , 48”, 52” 60” & 65”

Sahil Non-woven fabric roll to sheet cutting machine is design for non woven fabric sheet cutting. It is necessary equipment for reel to sheet cutting of non woven fabric of any thickness. It adopts servo motor (or stepless motor) for controlling constant-length cutting. It has the functions of easy operation, high precision, good stability, low noise. (Pneumatic device is optional). 

We present an exclusive range of roll to sheet cut machines is manufactured & supplied by out organization which consist of high graded raw materials. These machines are suitable for cut-off and rip cut of non woven and poly material. The major features of these machines include control of length fix and cut-off.

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Machine Specifications

S no Name of equipment
1 Model NW-R2S
2 Length of cutting 3”-65”
3 Speed 3000 sheets per hour
4 Thickness 30 to 450 gsm
5 Total Power 2 HP single phase
6 Weight (approx.) 650kg
7 Overall Dimension (LxWxH) 10’×4.5’×5’
Machin Part 1
Machine Parts
Machin Part 2
Machine Parts
Machin Part 3
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