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SGEL50 Automatic Earloop Welding Machine

Automatic Earloop machine is used to attach earloop aromatically on blank mask.


This equipment is suitable for the semi- automated ear loop welding , you need to feed the mask body by hand , and machine will welding the ear loop for both side automatic at one time , and after welding, it will collect together,and the production of masks with a comfortable wearing and non oppressive.

Main structure:                                                                           

Outer ear band welding

  1. structure Servo -step feeding
  2. material Automatic feeding with earloops;
  3. Ultrasonic automatic welding system Automatic thermal pressing;
  4. Automatic collection.

Technical parameters:                                                                

S no. Name Of Equipment
1 Product specifications 175X95mm
2 Machine size 1300X1000X1700MM
3 Max power 4KW
4 Machine weight 300kgs
5 Productivity 40PCS/MIN
6 Compressed air 0.4MP~0.6MPa
7 Pass rate of equipment products 99%
8 Powder AC220V,50HZ,Single phase

Main electrical equipment Device Branding                                

  1. Cylinder:AIRTAC
  2. Rail wire rod: HIWIN,Taiwan
  3. Solenoid Valve:AIRTAC
  4. PLC :Panasonic
  5. touch screen :Panelmaster
  6. Inverter:HUAYUE
  7. Photoelectric inspection: Panasonic (orKeyence)

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Machine Specifications

S no Name of equipment
1 Brand Sahil Graphics
2 Production Capacity 50 Pc
3 Power 50 Kw
4 Machine Type Automatic
5 Model Name/Number SGEL50
6 Size (L*B*H) 12x6x5
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