Laminating coating machine
Laminating coating machine

Laminating & Coating Machine

We are offering highly advanced Laminating & Coating Machine. We use a number of lamination and coating technologies that allow us to create packaging materials with diverse consumer qualities, based on appropriate combinations of raw materials. 

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Machine Specifications

S no Name of equipment
1 Die lip length(Extrusion die width) ONL-M1100(1200mm), ONL-M1300(1400mm), ONL-M1600(1800mm), ONL-M1800(2000mm)
2 Product width (Coating width) ONL-M1100(500-1000mm), ONL-M1300(600-1250mm), ONL-M1600(800-1500mm), ONL-M1800(900-1700mm)
3 Highest composite speed(Max. Coating speed) ONL-M1100(10-150m/min), ONL-M1300(10-150m/min), ONL-M1600(10-150m/min), ONL-M1800(10-150m/min)
4 Film spraying thickness(Coating thickness) ONL-M1100(0.01-0.03mm), ONL-M1300(0.01-0.03mm), ONL-M1600(0.01-0.03mm), ONL-M1800(0.01-0.03mm)
5 Screw draw ratio(L/d ratio for screw) ONL-M1100(32:01:00), ONL-M1300(32:01:00), ONL-M1600(32:01:00), ONL-M1800(32:01:00)
6 Maximum diameter ratio of reeling and unreeling(Rewinding roll diameter) 1200mm
7 Appearance dimension(Overall size) ONL-M1100(12500×7000×3200mm), ONL-M1300(1300×8000×3200mm), ONL-M1600(12000×9000×3200mm ), ONL-M1800(13000×12000×3200mm)
8 Install power(Total power) ONL-M1100(70kw), ONL-M1300(80kw), ONL-M1600(100kw), ONL-M1800(130kw)
9 Composite/mirror cold rod(Mirror cool roll diameter ) ONL-M1100(510mm), ONL-M1300(510mm), ONL-M1600(510mm)
10 Applicable base material(Adopt material) Non woven \ BOPP \ Aluminum foil
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