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High-speed computer Rotogravure Printing Machine (Winding And Unwinding Out)

The products in the domestic first seven motor using advanced PLC control system (seven vector motor control of the closed-loop tension control system, four paragraphs from the Japan Proton positions in the motor cylinder + ABB + Germany + Japan Yaskawa Siemens PLC) machine with excellent rigidity and job stability, compact structure, attractive appearance, suitable for a variety of web, printing gravure film. 

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Machine Specifications

S noName of equipment
1Maximum width of base material(Max. Width of Web)AZJ-8650A(650mm), AZJ-8850A(850mm), AZJ-81050A(1050mm)
2Top speed of printing Maximum(Max. Printing Speed)AZJ-8650A(140m/min), AZJ-8850A(140m/min), AZJ-81050A(140m/min)
3diameter of coiling and uncoiling Inside(Max. Diameter of Unwind/Rewind)f600mm
4diameter of base material coil(Internal Diameter of Roll Core)f76mm
5Diameter of printing roller(Diameter of Printing Cylinder)f105-f380mm
6Registration precision(Accuracy of Registration)±0.1mm
7Tension control scale(Tension Control Range)3~25kg/Full Width
8Oven heating power(Heating Power of Oven)AZJ-8650A(72kw), AZJ-8850A(96kw), AZJ-81050A(120kw)
9Total power of machine(Total Power)AZJ-8650A(109kw), AZJ-8850A(136kw), AZJ-81050A(160.5kw)
10Machine weight(Weight of Machine)AZJ-8650A(17000kg), AZJ-8850A(19000kg), AZJ-81050A(21000kg)
11Boundary dimension(Overall Dimension)AZJ-8650A(L13500 x W3200 x H2500mm), AZJ-8850A(L13500 x W3400 x H2500mm), AZJ-81050A(L13500 x W3600 x H2500mm)
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