nonwoven facemask making machine

Non-Woven Face Mask Making Machine

Non-Woven Face Mask Making Machine is designed for producing face mask for medical purpose, hotels etc. With the aluminum rack, it is tidy and beautiful. The finished machine has no welding but a full screw construction. It can be discretionarily disassembled. The appearance is paint-free. With organic glass or shell, human-machine interface and touch screen, it has built-in time, total out-put, daily out-put and it can set the automatic alarm of quantity and automatically stop. The digital key can adjust piece branding speed. The face mask piece exiting is out-put by conveyor belt. The speed is adjustable. The motor is imported from Taiwan. The gear reduction has brake function. With extremely low noise, the face mask molding is welded ultrasonically. With superior performances and high-speed piece branding, the width of the face mask is adjustable in certain in a certain range. The length of the nose bridge line can be adjusted discretionarily, with mold changed, it can produce non-standard face mask of any length.

S no Name of equipment
1 Power voltage AC380V or 220 V
2 Power 3.5KW
3 Optimum Speed 120-130 pcs/min
4 Net weight 650 kg
5 Dimension 3600x 600 x1400 mm
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Non Woven Face Mask Making Machine

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