damper roller washer
damper roller washer

Damper Roller Washer

Damper Roller Washer is simple to use & operate; it is equipped with stainless steel tank to clean the dampening rollers. Manual cleaning of rollers requires more than 15 minutes to clean one roller causing a lot of untidiness and greatly reducing the life of the dampening rollers. The Machine cleans three rollers simultaneously in just 5 minutes thus saving a lot of precious productive time. Special squeezer rinses the excess water, making them ready for instant use thus saving on the down time of the printing machine. The water jet system is uniquely designed to provide controlled and uniform water flows over the entire length of rollers for even and fasts cleaning. Free water drainage system prevents overflow or water logging in the tank. Since no manual scrubbing is necessary, hence the life of dampening sleeve is nearly doubled saving cost.

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Machine Specifications

S no Name of equipment
1 Size 48" & 60" Cleaning Rollers
2 Power ½ HP, 3 phase, 440 volts.
3 Features Auto Reverse with stainless steel body and rollers.
Machin Part 3
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Machin Part 2
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Machin Part 1
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