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Our paper cutting machines are useful for Book Binding, Printing Unit, Office File Manufacturing Unit, and Envelop Making Unit. Ordinary Paper Cutting Machine can be operated by hand as well as power & Semi Auto paper cutting machine is operated by power only provided with electric motor. Motorized Back Gauge and Motorized Pressure Clamp is provided if required. 

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Machine Specifications

S no Name of equipment
1 Size of Machine Ordinary Paper Cutting(18" 26" 32" 36" 42" 48" 52"), Semi Auto Paper Cutting(32" 36" 42" 48")
2 Power Required Ordinary Paper Cutting(1/2 H.P 1 H.P 1 H.P 2 H.P 2 H.P 3H.P 5 H.P), Semi Auto Paper Cutting(2 H.P 2 H.P 3H.P 5 H.P)
3 Weight in Kgs (Appx) Ordinary Paper Cutting(400 875 1100 1250 1500 1700 2000), Semi Auto Paper Cutting(1300 1500 1700 2500)
Machin Part 2
Machin Part 1
Machin Part 3

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