Four Color Offset Machines

We, SAHIL GRAPHICS, based at Ballabgarh, Faridabad, India an established Suppliers & Exporters of superior quality Automatic Four color Sheet fed offset printing machines / Multi colour Sheet fed offset Printing Presses from the heart of India. 

This progressive and sophisticated solna type four colour sheet offset printing machines fulfills even the most demanding requirements to printing quality, reliability, and service life of the machine. Perfect covering of the screen dot and precise register guarantee high precision quality printing of various multicolor printed materials on any suitable paper. 

A well designed inking system with 20-Roller arrangement ensures smooth, even ink flow to the form rollers for extraordinarily high quality reproduction. Sturdy construction, bearer contact, improved pull side lay & three large form rollers of varying diameters for superior ink distribution ensure high quality dot sharpness & top printing quality. All cylinders are cast in one piece and are of treated alloy cast iron and hard chrome plated. 

The Fantastically Accurate SAHIL Four Colour offset helps printers to achieve greater flexibility. When the printer got the opportunities of four-colour printing job, they rely on SAHIL 425 / 428 Press. It has a fast make-ready as well as an incredible dot-for-dot fidelity. 

It is also a truly economical press, allowing four colour printing in one easy-to-set-up pass. With the SAHIL 425 / 428 Four Colour Offset you discover quality and performance normally found only in larger, more expensive imported, Rebuilt or used press machinery/equipments. 

Your SAHIL 425 / 428 Hallmarks to Higher Profit
Low Investment - The SAHIL multicolor offset gives you good value at a very attractive investment cost. Easy servicing, reliability and long service life all contribute to optimal pay-off.

Ease of Operation - The SAHIL four colour offset is a user-friendly Reliable press, sturdy and easy to operate. it offers uncomplicated and fast plate changing with ergonomic & well tested design. 

Top Printing Quality - Sturdy construction, small cylinders, bearer contact and large form rollers ensure perfect dot sharpness.

High Productivity - The SAHIL four color offset offer short make-ready times with a quick change of plates and possibilities of handling a great number of small and medium runs in minimum time.Advantages :

» Laterally & Running Circumferential Registration (RCR) System» Precision ground & hard chrome plated balanced cylinders
» High-grade cast Iron side frames» Hardened ground gears
» Rotary Cam Stream Feeder» Motorized Feeder Pile table
» Bearer-to-Bearer contact» Automatic centralized lubrication with cyclic timer
» No sheet & double sheet detector to prevent wastage» Automatic Ink roller wash-up device
» Auto impression On / Off» Roller safety guard both sides
» Motorized Dampening System» Crawling speed for faster make ready
» Fine & easy adjustment of grippers for various thickness of Paper/board» Quick plate clamp for fast installation & removal of plates
» Pendent are to facilitate emergency impression trip off, inching forward & Reverse at every station both side for safety & convenience» Compact main control panel, DC variable speed drive mechanism with Digital sheet counter & speedometer
» Anti-set off powder spray system» Water re-circulation system with chilling unit (Optional)

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Machine Specifications

S no Name of equipment
1 Dimensions(L*W*H) 6000X2300X2500mm
2 Gross Power 18KW
3 Weight 4000kg
4 Sheet Size Max.(Printing) Sahil 225 /425(460x640mm 18"x 25"), Sahil 228 /428(460x715mm 18"x28"), Sahil 230(508x762mm 20"x30")
5 Sheet Size Min.(Printing) Sahil 225 /425(240x280mm 9"x11"), Sahil 228 /428(240x280mm 9"x11"), Sahil 230(300x350mm 12"x14")
6 Printing Area(Printing) Sahil 225 /425(445x636mm 17.5"x25"), Sahil 228 /428(445x711mm 17.5"x28"), Sahil 230(495x762mm 19.5"x30")
7 Gripper Bite Gripper Margin(Printing) Sahil 225 /425(9.0mm 5 to 8mm 0.354" 0.195" to 0.315" 9.0mm), Sahil 228 /428(9.0mm 5 to 8mm 0.354" 0.195" to 0.315"), Sahil 230(9.0mm 5 to 8mm 0.354" 0.195" to 0.315")
8 Plate Size(Printing) Sahil 225 /425(510x645x.30mm 20"x25.5"), Sahil 228 /428(510x720x.30mm 20"x28.5"), Sahil 230(560x785x.30mm 22"x31")
9 Blanket Size(Printing) Sahil 225 /425(570x645x1.7mm 21.25"x25.5"), Sahil 228 /428(570x725x1.7mm 21.25"x28.5"), Sahil 230(610x785x1.7mm 24"x31")
10 Stock Thickness(Printing) Sahil 225 /425(40 gsm to 400 gsm), Sahil 228 /428(40 gsm to 400 gsm), Sahil 230(40 to 400 gsm)
11 Max. Speed(Printing) Sahil 225 /425(2000 to 7000 IPH), Sahil 228 /428(2000 to 7000 IPH), Sahil 230(2000 to 8000 IPH)
12 Sizes Sahil 225 /425(18"x25"), Sahil 228 /428(18"x28"), Sahil 230(20"x30")
13 Feeder (Pile Height) Sahil 225 /425(800mm 31"), Sahil 228 /428(800mm 31"), Sahil 230(800mm 33")
14 Delivery (Pile Height) 410mm 16"
15 Weight approx. Sahil 225 /425(3500 Kgs./6500 Kgs. 7700 Lbs./14300Lbs.), Sahil 228 /428(3800Kgs./7000Kgs. 8360 Lbs./15400Lbs.), Sahil 230(4500Kgs. 9000 Lbs.)
16 Floor Space (Length x width Height) Sahil 225 /425(2900x2030/ 4600x2160mm 1650mm 114"x80"/ 181"x85" 65"), Sahil 228 /428(2900x2100/ 4600x2200mm 1650mm 114"x83" / 181"x86" 65"), Sahil 230(2900x2100x1650mm 120"x86"x70")
17 Electrical Supply (3 phase D.C. 415 V, 50 Hz) Sahil 225 /425(Supply with netural 5.2KW/8.95KW 7 HP / 12 HP), Sahil 228 /428(Supply with netural 5.2KW/8.95KW 7 HP / 12 HP), Sahil 230(Supply with netural 5.2KW 7 HP)
18 Damping (Total No. of Roller) 5 Nos. Rubber - 3 Nos. Steel - 2 Nos.
19 Inking (Total No. of Roller No. of form Roller) 20 Nos. 3 Nos Rubber - 10 Nos. Copper - 9 Nos. Steel - 1 No.
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