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Visit any print show and you will notice the Sahil Graphics (Hall 51(11) stall, surrounded by visitors. The manufacturer of non-woven bag-making and printing machine has bigger than usual stall this year, as it promotes a range of China-made bag-making machine. As expected, the stall continues to attract crowds in droves.

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Leader laminated box bag making machine launched 1st march 2017

LEADER next generation is the top-level non-woven bag making technology in the world.

This machine is focused on the production of the laminated, coated and uncoated three-dimensional box bags with handle attachment. It can directly forming Non-Woven Box Bags with loop handle automatically and no need to reverse to get finished box bag. These bags are shaped in one time with less labor force, high efficiency and low production cost. It only needs two persons, thus the labor force cost is largely saved.

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Multi color non woven bag printing machine launched 2nd august 2017

Three color non-woven bag printing machine is a revolutionary product, this machine can print multicolor bags in very economical cost. Now, no need to spend excessive money on four-color printing machine when you can get better quality of printing in just three color machine.

Sahil Graphics has developed next-generation Non -woven D-cut bag Printing Machines to offer high-quality print results on Non Woven Cloth bags. Sahil Single Colour Non-woven Bag to Bag printing machine is compact & has an efficient design.

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High speed bag making machine launched 8th Dec 2017

The High-Speed Non-Woven Bag Making Machine is a revolution in non-woven bag making machine industry. Now It has arrived in India. Now you can manufacture the non-woven bags at 2x speed. The total production of a day can be doubled.

With the continuous efforts to upgrade the industry from the past two years, this masterpiece has been engineered. The technology is moving fast. Now take the next step to move faster.

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Get ready to witness next generation leader laminated box bag making machine

ZB1100A-1 sheet feeding bag tube forming machine is a fully automatic paper bag making machine and suitable for mass production of special paper and different types of polished and laminated paper (already creased Printed sheet of paper as raw materials). It is the first equipment choice for manufacturing high-grade and luxury handbags. The paper automatic delivery by the feeder, automatic positioning by a guide and line aligning system, automatic pasting by roll glue device, top folding with automatic gusset forming, press bag output.

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