Paper Bag Making Machine
Flexo Graphic Printing Machine
Paper Straw Making Machine
Non-Woven Bag Making Machine
laminated box bag making machine

Rotogravure Printing Machine

High-speed computer Rotogravure Printing Machine (Winding And Unwinding Out)

The products in the domestic first seven motor using advanced PLC control system (seven vector motor control of the closed-loop tension control system, four paragraphs from the Japan Proton positions in the motor cylinder + ABB + Germany + Japan Yaskawa Siemens PLC) machine with excellent rigidity and job stability, compact structure, attractive appearance, suitable for a variety of web, printing gravure film. 

S noName of equipment
1Maximum width of base material(Max. Width of Web)AZJ-8650A(650mm), AZJ-8850A(850mm), AZJ-81050A(1050mm)
2Top speed of printing Maximum(Max. Printing Speed)AZJ-8650A(140m/min), AZJ-8850A(140m/min), AZJ-81050A(140m/min)
3diameter of coiling and uncoiling Inside(Max. Diameter of Unwind/Rewind)f600mm
4diameter of base material coil(Internal Diameter of Roll Core)f76mm
5Diameter of printing roller(Diameter of Printing Cylinder)f105-f380mm
6Registration precision(Accuracy of Registration)±0.1mm
7Tension control scale(Tension Control Range)3~25kg/Full Width
8Oven heating power(Heating Power of Oven)AZJ-8650A(72kw), AZJ-8850A(96kw), AZJ-81050A(120kw)
9Total power of machine(Total Power)AZJ-8650A(109kw), AZJ-8850A(136kw), AZJ-81050A(160.5kw)
10Machine weight(Weight of Machine)AZJ-8650A(17000kg), AZJ-8850A(19000kg), AZJ-81050A(21000kg)
11Boundary dimension(Overall Dimension)AZJ-8650A(L13500 x W3200 x H2500mm), AZJ-8850A(L13500 x W3400 x H2500mm), AZJ-81050A(L13500 x W3600 x H2500mm)
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Laminated Box Bag Making Machine

Next generation box bag making machine

This machine is focused on the production of the laminated, coated and uncoated three-dimensional box bags with handle attachment. 

Leader directly forms Non Woven Box Bag with loop handle automatically in one shot, no need to reverse to get finished box bag. 

It is a fully automatic bag making machine, which can take place of 50 workers’ work. These bags are highly economical with very low production cost. It only needs two person, thus the labour force cost is largely saved. 

Leader alone can serve with box bag making machine, bag making machine with handle and also laminated box bag making machine itself. It can produce over 50GSM non woven fabric and laminated fabric bags, such as food & beverage bags, wine bags, commodity bags, sweets bag, garment bags, shoes & hats bags, gift bags, etc.

S noName of equipment
1Speed30-50 PCS/MIN
2Bag size and handleBag gusset 8-20 cm Bag length 23-50 cm Bag height 18-45cm Handle length 37-52 cm
3Fabric requirementHandle thickness 60-120 gsm Bag thickness 80-120 gsm
4Total power and voltage requirementAir power 1.2m3/min, 1.0Mpa Voltage 380V, 50Hz, 3Phase
5Total power28KW
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Laminating & Coating Machine

We are offering highly advanced Laminating & Coating Machine. We use a number of lamination and coating technologies that allow us to create packaging materials with diverse consumer qualities, based on appropriate combinations of raw materials. 

S noName of equipment
1Die lip length(Extrusion die width)ONL-M1100(1200mm), ONL-M1300(1400mm), ONL-M1600(1800mm), ONL-M1800(2000mm)
2Product width (Coating width)ONL-M1100(500-1000mm), ONL-M1300(600-1250mm), ONL-M1600(800-1500mm), ONL-M1800(900-1700mm)
3Highest composite speed(Max. Coating speed)ONL-M1100(10-150m/min), ONL-M1300(10-150m/min), ONL-M1600(10-150m/min), ONL-M1800(10-150m/min)
4Film spraying thickness(Coating thickness)ONL-M1100(0.01-0.03mm), ONL-M1300(0.01-0.03mm), ONL-M1600(0.01-0.03mm), ONL-M1800(0.01-0.03mm)
5Screw draw ratio(L/d ratio for screw)ONL-M1100(32:01:00), ONL-M1300(32:01:00), ONL-M1600(32:01:00), ONL-M1800(32:01:00)
6Maximum diameter ratio of reeling and unreeling(Rewinding roll diameter)1200mm
7Appearance dimension(Overall size)ONL-M1100(12500×7000×3200mm), ONL-M1300(1300×8000×3200mm), ONL-M1600(12000×9000×3200mm ), ONL-M1800(13000×12000×3200mm)
8Install power(Total power)ONL-M1100(70kw), ONL-M1300(80kw), ONL-M1600(100kw), ONL-M1800(130kw)
9Composite/mirror cold rod(Mirror cool roll diameter )ONL-M1100(510mm), ONL-M1300(510mm), ONL-M1600(510mm)
10Applicable base material(Adopt material)Non woven \ BOPP \ Aluminum foil
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Roll to Roll Printing Machine High Speed Printing Machine

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