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Semi-Automatic KN95 ear loop welding machine


  1. Specifically designed for welding ear loops on N95 mask. Easy to operation by put the N95 Mask on the mould and press the bottom.
  2. High precision welding, precise welding and the product positioning is accuracy.
  3. Mufti-specification can applied to ear loop welding the disposable 3ply mask and N95mask.
  4. Easy to operate. Process only need operator place the mask on the mould and press the bottom to start welding.
S noName of equipment
1Personnel requirements1 worker
2Raw materialsElastic bridge
3Capacity25-30 pcs/min
4Machine sizeAbout 800(L)x 600(W)x 1500(H) mm
5Air pressure0.4-0.8 Mpa
7Mask type(Foldingmasks,suchasN95/KN95,childN95(Abletochangefor Disposable mask)
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N95 Mask Sealing Machine (Big welding)


  1. KN95 ultrasonic welding machine, sewing equipment, mask sewing device Face mask welder is mainly used in the welding of edge of non-woven masks.
  2. We use the 20KHz ultrasonic welding system, it’s more fast welding and less noise.
  3. Ultrasonic welding machine with wear-resistant, long life and soon.
  4. Operation without preheating Continuous processing, fast, mass production, processing without smoke, sparks, do not harm the fabric edge.
  5. The machine is easy to operate, easy to understand, ordinary workers can operate on the machine.
  6. The use of low-noise ultrasonic, anti-noise interference.

S noName of equipment
1NameN95,KN95 ultrasonic welding machine
3Voltage220v 50hz
4air pressure0.4-0.7Mpa
7welding speed22pcs-25pcs/min
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Automatic Face mask making machine

Automatic face mask making machines used to make 3 layer blank mask. 


This equipment is suitable for the fully automated production of flat masks, mainly including coil material feeding system, folding synthesis, nasal beam wire loading, mask molding, mask cutting, ear belt feeding and welding, finished material and other processes, complete the entire production process from the raw materials of the coil to the finished product of the mask, the production of masks with a comfortable wearing and non oppressive.The overall structure is shown as follows:

Main structure:

  1. Feeding and Folding Composition structure:
    Brief description and features:
    Manual loaning material, fully automatic feeding; automatic folding, multi-layer ultrasonic welding; Automatic cutting
  2. Feeding sheet-mask structure
    Brief description and features:
    The feeding structure adopts mold feeding, no flip mechanism, it can ensure the stable and high- efficient delivery.
  3. Outer ear band welding structure
    Brief description and features:
    Servo -step feeding material Automatic feeding with ear bands; Ultrasonic automatic welding system Automatic thermal pressing; Automatic collection

Technical parameters:                    

S no.Name Of Equipment
3Outer Layer175mm
4PowderAC220V, 50HZ, single Phase
5Filter Layer175mm
6Max Powder10 KW
7Inner Layer185-195mm
8Machine Size5000x1100x1700mm 1200x1000x1000mm
9Product Specification175x95mm
10Machine Weight2.6 T
12Compressed Air0.4 MP~ 0.6 MPa
13Pass Rate of equipment Products99%
14Except for raw materials and human operations

Main electrical equipment Device Branding                                

  1. Cylinder: AIRTAC
  2. Rail wire rod: HIWIN, Taiwan
  3. Solenoid Valve: AIRTAC
  4. PLC : Panasonic
  5. Touch screen: Panel master
  6. Inverter: HUAYUE
  7. Photoelectric inspection: Panasonic (or Keyence)

S noName of equipment
1BrandSahil Graphics
2Production Capacity120 Pc/min
3Power4.5 Kw
4Machine TypeAutomatic
5Model Name/NumberSGFM120
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Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine


S noName of equipment
2Production Capacity50 PS/MIN
3Power10 KW
4Machine TypeAutomatic
5Model Name/NumberSGAFM50
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Fully Automatic N95 Mask Making Machine is used to make N95 Mask


  1. Machine adopt Ultrasonic melting technique, single man operation, all controlled by PLC.
  2. Automatic working from feeding lace sealing, cutting finished products.
  3. Machine frame adopts aluminum.Anti-rust, durable, easy cleaning and neat.
  4. Simple structure in linear type , easy in installation and maintenance.
  5. Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts , electric parts and operation parts.
  6. Machine add parts to insert nose strip if necessary.
  7. Machine body use Aluminum frame, so it is more stable and clean.
  8. This machine adopts PLC control system, which is easy to operate.

Mask Standard Description:

  1. N series is American standard
  2. KN series is Chinese standard,
  3. The FFP series is a European standard, The higher the number, the higher the protection level.
  4. It is easier to understand with a formula: FFP3 > FFP2 = N95 = KN95> Nose Strip Welding Machine

Machine details

  1. Use high hardness of emboss roller.
  2. Five feeding roller
  3. Auto waste collection
  4. Nose strip insert function
  5. PLC control system
S noName of equipment
2Production Capacity70 pc/min
3Power15 kw
4Machine TypeAutomatic
5Model Name/NumberSGN95
7Production line modelAutomatic face mask machine
8specification of the machine350(L)*110(W)*2100(H)cm
9Working power supply220V 50-60Hz
10The production efficiency60-70pcs/min
11Raw Material Width255-260mm
12Raw MaterialPP non woven, melt blown, cotton
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SGEL50 Automatic Earloop Welding Machine

Automatic Earloop machine is used to attach earloop aromatically on blank mask.


This equipment is suitable for the semi- automated ear loop welding , you need to feed the mask body by hand , and machine will welding the ear loop for both side automatic at one time , and after welding, it will collect together,and the production of masks with a comfortable wearing and non oppressive.

Main structure:                                                                           

Outer ear band welding

  1. structure Servo -step feeding
  2. material Automatic feeding with earloops;
  3. Ultrasonic automatic welding system Automatic thermal pressing;
  4. Automatic collection.

Technical parameters:                                                                

S no.Name Of Equipment
1Product specifications175X95mm
2Machine size1300X1000X1700MM
3Max power4KW
4Machine weight300kgs
6Compressed air0.4MP~0.6MPa
7Pass rate of equipment products99%
8PowderAC220V,50HZ,Single phase

Main electrical equipment Device Branding                                

  1. Cylinder:AIRTAC
  2. Rail wire rod: HIWIN,Taiwan
  3. Solenoid Valve:AIRTAC
  4. PLC :Panasonic
  5. touch screen :Panelmaster
  6. Inverter:HUAYUE
  7. Photoelectric inspection: Panasonic (orKeyence)
S noName of equipment
1BrandSahil Graphics
2Production Capacity50 Pc
3Power50 Kw
4Machine TypeAutomatic
5Model Name/NumberSGEL50
6Size (L*B*H)12x6x5
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