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Half Cut Sticker Cutting Machine

SAHIL Three– in- One High speed Creasing machine, Half Sticker cutting machine & Perforation machine with ½ Hp DC Motor & Variable Drive Complete With Two Single &Two Double (Combined) Creasers for the thickness of Book spine, Four sets Half sticker cutter & Two set perforating Dies.

Examine our Strong Points:-
Multipurpose Half Cut Sticker Label Cutting Machine Small label printed on adhesive coated sheet needs cutting without cutting the attached paper, so a most suitable machine is needed to cut this printed sheet cutting the lower paper attached to the adhesive coated printed sheet.

Perforater Creaser 
This half cut sticker label cutting machine is a multipurpose & can be easily converted to rotary disc slit perforator creaser for perforation as on bank cheque book & creasing, bending on wedding cards & book title creasing.

Standard Supply & Order

  • The size of machine is 24″
  • 2 perforator, 2 creaser & 4 half cut cutters.
  • Eight holders is standard supply it may be all half cuts or creaser & perforators.
  • Minimum gap between two cutters is 3/4″ & about 20 holders can be fitted on this machine as on optional requirement, which is most useful in half cutting. The machine can be tailored made to any size and any requirements as mentioned.

S no Name of equipment
1 size 24"
2 2 perforator, 2 creaser & 4 half cut cutters.
3 holders 8
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Paper Cutting Machines

Our paper cutting machines are useful for Book Binding, Printing Unit, Office File Manufacturing Unit, and Envelop Making Unit. Ordinary Paper Cutting Machine can be operated by hand as well as power & Semi Auto paper cutting machine is operated by power only provided with electric motor. Motorized Back Gauge and Motorized Pressure Clamp is provided if required. 

S no Name of equipment
1 Size of Machine Ordinary Paper Cutting(18" 26" 32" 36" 42" 48" 52"), Semi Auto Paper Cutting(32" 36" 42" 48")
2 Power Required Ordinary Paper Cutting(1/2 H.P 1 H.P 1 H.P 2 H.P 2 H.P 3H.P 5 H.P), Semi Auto Paper Cutting(2 H.P 2 H.P 3H.P 5 H.P)
3 Weight in Kgs (Appx) Ordinary Paper Cutting(400 875 1100 1250 1500 1700 2000), Semi Auto Paper Cutting(1300 1500 1700 2500)
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Inkjet CTP System(Computer to Plate Machine)

SAHIL brings world’s low cost and entry level CTP System or Computer to Plate Machine for Newspaper and Commercial job printers. It provides high-quality dot resolution. This Printer is available up-to 44” width. Now there is no need to depend outside for plates, buyer can make the plates in-house only. It can also maintain their job secrecy. We Provide the complete solution including Mac Mini System with RIP Software.

Star plate is digital imaging software which is specially designed for direct inkjet imaging to plate or film with the ability to produce high quality half-tone screening

S no Name of equipment
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Vertical Process Camera

Process camera is fitted with F-150 & F- 270 Rodenstock lenses. Digital based technology gives fast, accurate and unmatched reproduction from 20% to 500%. 

S no Name of equipment
1 Dimensions 1100*1300*1700mm
2 Power(W) 200kw
3 Wavelength 1064nm
4 Design to give uniform Exposure
5 Maximum reflection copy 22.5" x 29"
6 Maximum film size 23" x 27"
7 Power required 2.3 kw
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Damper Roller Washer

Damper Roller Washer is simple to use & operate; it is equipped with stainless steel tank to clean the dampening rollers. Manual cleaning of rollers requires more than 15 minutes to clean one roller causing a lot of untidiness and greatly reducing the life of the dampening rollers. The Machine cleans three rollers simultaneously in just 5 minutes thus saving a lot of precious productive time. Special squeezer rinses the excess water, making them ready for instant use thus saving on the down time of the printing machine. The water jet system is uniquely designed to provide controlled and uniform water flows over the entire length of rollers for even and fasts cleaning. Free water drainage system prevents overflow or water logging in the tank. Since no manual scrubbing is necessary, hence the life of dampening sleeve is nearly doubled saving cost.

S no Name of equipment
1 Size 48" & 60" Cleaning Rollers
2 Power ½ HP, 3 phase, 440 volts.
3 Features Auto Reverse with stainless steel body and rollers.
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Plate Curing Equipment

Sahil Plate Coating Whirler is compact, soundless and elegant design. Aluminum turn table for easy maintenance. Control Panel located safety to avoid chemical contact. Counter balanced lid and surrounded for durability and easy handling. Variable speed through DC Drive Motor.

• Sahil oven is specially designed to Bake P.S.Plates on a large surface, which improves efficiency & is completely insulated. It saves heat loss and avoids hot air in the surrounding working areas.

• Sturdy mild steel Powder coated body ensures trouble free working.

• Simple and compact Control Panel easily operates all Functions, Including main on/off, digital temperature meter with thermostat, Amp. Meter & electronic timer with buzzer

• Plates are baked a temperature ranging from 220°C to 250°C.

• Thermostatically controlled hot air maintains inside temperature evenly. It ensures even baking on all over plate area.

• Baking helps to give print runs with same sharpness. It ensures smooth running on press and easy to store plates for repeat jobs.

• Four Plates can be baked at a time.

S no Name of equipment
1 Dimension (mm) 2600*620*2000
2 Weight(kgs) 2000
3 Motor Power (kw) 3.2
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Table Top / Mini Plate Exposure

This compact table top mini plate exposure unit has its own built in Metal Halide light source & Vacuum pump with timer. It is designed for rapid and efficient production of offset plates. It can also use for opening of five star films for screen printing. 

• Design to give uniform Exposure

• Manual operational controls

• Multi Angled Reflector

• Easy to operate, Easy to maintain

S no Name of equipment
1 Product Material Steel
2 Hardness 46- 89
3 Size 15" x 20" & 19'' x 25''
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Plate Coating Whirler

Sahil Plate Coating Whirler is compact, soundless and elegant design. Aluminum turn table for easy maintenance. Control Panel located safety to avoid chemical contact. Counter balanced lid and surrounded for durability and easy handling. Variable speed through DC Drive Motor. 

S no Name of equipment
1 Product Material: Steel
2 Hardness: 45- 49
3 Sizes: 20" x 30" & 30" x 40"
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Instant Start Metal Halide Plate Exposure

SAHIL’s highly affordable Instant-Start platemakers are designed to ensure fast, consistent exposures and superior image reproduction on P.S. Plates, Conventional Plates, Proofing material and Textile printing. The instant-start power supply saves energy by eliminating warm up and idling times. It is available in 1 KW 3 KW Lamps to suit your variable speed and intensity of exposure requirements. The light source has a uniquely designed imported reflector to give uniform lighting over the entire plate area.

Specially designed Molded one-piece rubber blanket and beading ensures perfect vacuum. A light integrated electronic timer provides accurate timing gives exacting results. The cooling system enables the unit to run efficiently. These units will provide super fast exposures with guaranteed center to corner coverage.

S no Name of equipment
1 Sizes : 23" x 36" & 30" x 40"
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Flip Top Printing Down Frame Single/Double Sided Machine

Sahil Flip Top Plate Exposure is specially designed for rapid sufficient production of Plates, sturdily built-in with all metal construction. Single sided / Double sided both models are available with Metal Halide Tube for exposing. It exposes plates and proofing materials faster than comparable Mercury Vapor Lamps and assures image accuracy and color fidelity. It also consist molded one-piece blanket, Digital Display Electronic Timer with Buzzer, Vacuum Gauge, Vacuum Pump and Cooling fan for maintaining inside temperature. 

Two-sided Flip Top printing down frame have the added advantage of offering non-stop exposure by allowing the operator to expose one side while loading and preparing the other side.

S no Name of equipment
1 Sizes : 20" x 30", 23" x 36" & 30" x 40"
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Prepress / Postpress Equipments

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