7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Flexo Printing Machine


Buying a flexographic printing machine is a lengthy and tricky process. This is mainly because you will have an array of options to choose from, each with different capacity, functionality, and specifications. There are several common mistakes that buyers make, both during and after the purchase process. Purchasing the Flexo Printing Machine is undoubtedly a major investment. As long as you know what to look for in a machine, and how to pair it with your existing machinery, along with pointing out the commonly made mistakes, it will help you to make the right decision.

When you are buying a flexographic machine, make sure to avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Never go for the first cheapest machine you can find: Of course, cost of the machine is one of the common things that buyers take into consideration. Choosing the first cheapest machine they can find is an avoidable mistake. Because this will let you miss out on the better deals available. Instead of setting low prices as a benchmark, aim for the best value instead. Look for the machine that can offer you great value at the best price.

  2. Do not buy a machine over-equipped with surplus functions and features: The features in the machine contribute to its price. The more features the machine will have, the more likely it will be costly. Identify which features are useful. A surplus of two or three features will be OK but too many unnecessary features can be disadvantageous .

  3. Do not let the machine redefine your printing process: Many businesses purchase ultra-modern flexo machine, and then they modify their printing process according to the capability of the machine. That should not be the case! You must choose the one that’s most suited to your current process.

  4. Neglecting the after-sales service: Old part replacement, troubleshooting, regular maintenance, operator training, and on-site support are part of after-sales service. Good after-sales services can make a great difference to the production and capability of the machine. Therefore, it is always important to ask for the after-sale service from the vendor and agree on the service level.

  5. Do not put the machine in service soon: Operators need time to master the machine to avoid accidents. Placing a machine into service before fully understanding can have negative results. Enough time must be given to the operator to know how to operate the machine.

  6. Not being selective about the vendor: It is always important to choose the vendor carefully while purchasing the flexo printing machine. Even if the equipment from the different vendors has same specifications, not everyone adheres to the specific safety measures. Besides, cost and specifications are not all you should be concerned about, but the customer service and safety measures are equally important.

  7. Quality: So, you are making this large purchase, buying quality equipment is of the utmost importance. To ensure you are buying a quality flexo printing machine, get it from a well-known and reputable company.


Hopefully, you can avoid committing such mistakes by understanding the above points to get the best out of your machine.

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