Manufacture Strong Laminated Box Bags With Advanced Laminated Box Bag Making Machine


Laminated box bags are widely used in the packing and retail industry. These bags are durable, allow full-color processing, and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Shopkeepers can also use these laminated box bags to promote their products and brand by printing their logos on the bags. These bags are nowadays in high demand and are manufactured by an advanced Laminated Box Bag Making Machine without compromising on their quality.  

The process of manufacturing laminated box bags

For the making of laminated box bags, a base layer of the white color is required. Then a thin layer of polypropylene sheets is placed and is printed with four-color graphics and then lamination is done on the top of the layer. In order to seal the top layer permanently, it is heat bonded. Then panels of the bags are cut and sewn precisely and neatly after printing.

Materials used in the making of laminated box bags

Laminated bags can be produced with three different materials or substrates. Whatever substrate you choose to produce these bags, the only thing that the customers will be able to see is the four-color graphics in the exterior lamination layer. The substrate used is only visible on the inside of the bag. The three different substrates used in the manufacture of these bags are: 

Woven polypropylene (Woven PP) fabric: To make bags from this fabric, strips of PP are woven together and to keep the weave together, it is bonded with a lamination layer. Woven PP is an incredibly strong fabric for its weight and is often used for sandbags, tarps, and other industrial uses. This material wrinkles after 6-8 months as the material ages.

Non-Woven polypropylene (NWPP) fabric: As the name suggests, this fabric is not woven and is used to make bags by the Non Woven Bag Making Machine to make quality bags for various uses. Lamination on the fabric gives it a strong, puncture-resistant top layer for a smooth great looking bag.

Once the fabric is laminated, it weighs 120 GSM and becomes extra durable and long-lasting. The non-woven polypropylene laminated box bags are a premium choice for grocery bags, promotional bags, or custom bags for any organization.

Recycled PET (rPET): This substrate is made by shredding and spinning water-bottles into a substrate fabric to create recycled reusable and eco-friendly bags.

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