Start Your Own Printing Press With An Offset Printing Machine From Sahil Graphics


Before we discuss the offset printing machine it is important of us to first understand what is offset printing all about. It is a type of printing common in the industry and in this method, the image or text that is to be printed is required to be transferred from a metal plate to a rubber blanket which is built upon heavy iron rollers.

These rollers are an important part of the machine for offset printing because these rollers are the components, which perform the printing. In this printing technique, once the image or text is transferred from the metal plate to the rubber blanket, it is transferred to the substrate or surface- the final printing medium, which could be a book, a magazine, a newspaper, or any other printing medium.

The main function of the machine is to transfer the image flawlessly without any spillage of ink on the non-printing areas of the substrate. This process is called the offset lithography process in which the ink rollers draw the ink into the portion of the substrate that is to be printed.

Whereas, the remaining of the substrate draws a soluble film from the water roller that keeps the ink away from the non-printing areas. The ink rollers, water rollers, plate roller or cylinder, offset roller or cylinder and the blanket or impression roller are the main components in a Top Offset Printing Machine.

If you have a printing press and looking for machines for offset printing then you can avail them from the leading manufacturers of these machines in India. Among the many reputed manufacturers, Sahil Graphics is one of the topmost providers of these machines in India.

Here, you can also avail Mini Offset Printing Machines- these are great solutions for offset printers. If you want to expand your business of printing small size papers then the mini printing machine for offset printing would be best, as it will help you enter into the offset printing business with a low budget.

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