Difference between B700 and D700 Non Woven Bag Making Machines


Non-woven bags are in high demand in the market because they can be reused and are eco-friendly. These bags are the best substitutes for plastic bags and are long-lasting. Non-woven bags can create a brand and thus can leave a long-lasting impression in people’s minds. These bags are made of non-woven fabrics and are manufactured by high-tech machinery. There are many machines used by the non-woven bag manufacturers and among these machines, B700 and D700 are some of the best non woven bag making machines.

Here, we will discuss the differences between B700 and D700 machines used for manufacturing non-woven bags.

Difference between non-woven bag making machines- B700 and D700

B700 Machine

  • Non-woven bag making machine- B700 is an advanced and automatic machine used for manufacturing non-woven bags. It is capable of adopting mechanical, electrical, optical, and pneumatic integration technology.

  • It is suitable for non-woven fabric and produces different shapes and sizes of flat bags, flat bags with D-cut, drawstring bag, bottom gusset bag, bottom gusset bag with D-cut and side gusset bag, vest bag,etc.

  • This machine is usually used to produce bags with online handles.

  • It welcomes customized designs of bags. 

D700 Machine

  • Unlike B700, D700 also adopts mechanical, electrical, optical, and pneumatic integration technology. It is an advanced machine incorporated with the function of automatic handle loop bonding offering speed up to 75pcs/min.

  • This non-woven bag producing machine is suitable for producing non-woven bags in different shapes and sizes including handbags, flat bags, vest bags, and drawstring bags, etc. D700 machine can replace the traditional handle-sealing, reduce labor and manufacturing cost.

  • This non-woven bag making machine can produce different bags with loop handle directly.

Both B700 and D700 are fully automatic non-woven bag manufacturing machines. These machines offer fine craftsmanship and products of high quality standards.

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