Grow Your Business with Paper Handle Bag Machine


There has been a tremendous increase in the paper bags market due to the demand for sustainable packaging solutions among various industries. From beverages to the chemical industry, you name the company and there is demand for paper bags like no other.

What makes paper bags so popular?

There are numerous reasons which make paper bags most sought after. Some of them have been summarized below-

Paper bags are very light and hence easy to carry.


Made out of paper, they can be used again and again.


Most importantly, paper bags cause no harm to the environment and are safe and non-toxic in nature, unlike plastics that produce poisonous gases. With concern towards the environment and marine life rising, plastics are now a big no.

Besides, paper bags can be easily made locally, making them highly cost-effective and affordable for the customers as well. The paper bag industry is anticipated to grow significantly in the coming years.

With the increase in demand, many are now finding manufacturing, designing, and printing paper bags quite alluring. It is possible to get into paper handle bag manufacturing by simply buying the machine.

Paper handle bag making machine is easily available through Sahil Graphics which is a well-known name in the world of printing and bag making. It is a leading machine manufacturer, supplier, importer, and exporter in India.

Talking of the fully automatic non-woven handle bag machine, it is one of a kind having the superior capacity of manufacturing a variety of bags in various shapes and sizes. One can manufacture bags in shapes like wearing rope bags, zipper bags, flat bags, vest bags, and many more.

This automatic machine comes with various integrations and systems which make the task of making the bag smooth and efficient. These include the presence of an LCD screen which makes sure that operation is carried out with ease and advanced features like computer-based automatic edge correction, counting alarm, automatic counting, and hot handle control device to mention a few.

Photoelectric tracking is also present in the machine that makes sure that paper handle bag manufacturing is carried out without any issues.

Paper handle bag making machine is efficient and is capable of producing a large number of bags with the best finishing, strong sealing and attractive appearance.

It is possible to design bags according to the demand of the industry in different sizes and shapes.

So, go ahead and start your own business with an amazing paper handle machine and achieve new heights.

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