How to Start a Profitable Paper Bag Making Business with Sahil Graphics


Paper bag making machine used for the manufacture of flat belt handle or twisted rope handles for carry bags comprises a touch screen computerized central control system with a servo motor that operates the whole machine and gives full control to the user. With much use of physical labor this machine can make paper bags of different sizes with their handles that are too made of paper that are adhered in line. This machine is automated for the formation of bags, tube, bottom gluing and finally the whole bag. This machine fits best for the manufacture of twisted or flat handle square bottom paper bags and all the production processes are done in order. If you’re a producer of paper bags you can get in touch with us.

Delivering Best quality at Best Price

We share pride in being the well-known manufacturer of paper bag making machines in India at the best pricing. Sahil graphics has its expertise in the production of paper bag making machines that are used widely in the market today. We make machines that come in different varieties of size and grades and design and are made with the best quality steel that are ideal for the production of best quality paper bags. 

Made with Latest Technology

The machine manufactured at Sahil Graphics is enabled with a remote control system that can control the system like speed, PLC and a lot more. The machine is developed with an idea that it can process all the processes like side gluing, gusset shaping, base folding and pasting, automated collecting, and counting in one go. As a top manufacturer we make sure to deliver our customers with a variety of semi-automatic and manual paper bag manufacturing machines ensuring effective and fast delivery.

V-Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine 

We created the most cost-effective next-generation V bottom paper bag manufacturing equipment in India that effectively satisfies the demand for generating high-quality V-cut paper bags. We constantly work for our complete client happiness and achievement! 

Grocery Paper Bag Making Machine

Sahil Graphics area of expertise is the creation of Shopping Paper Carry Bag Making Machines. These paper hand bag manufacturing equipment are available from us in a variety of sizes and grades and the machine comes in a variety of designs and is made from steel of the highest quality. For the manufacturing of many paper bags, the Paper Bag Machine suits the best. It has a remote control system, frequency-controlled speed change, and PLC control.

One continuous workflow is used to handle side gluing, gusset shaping, base folding and pasting, automated collecting, and counting. As a leading supplier, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a vast selection of semi-automatic and manual paper bag manufacturing machine units, as well as effective and fast delivery. Our paper bag machine pricing is quite reasonable when compared to those of other manufacturers.

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